What Is “TB” And Who Are The Revenant Ones?

There’s an ongoing mystery surrounding sealed letters that some have received on the Internet, which contain strange writing, and are stamped in red wax seals. Each letter was sent without a return address, and has the letters “TB” as a logo.

As a result, bloggers and others have been buzzing about the existence of this mystery, and what some believe is an ancient language used in the mailings. So far, a number of web sites have surfaced which are related to these mailings.

Cynthia at SFUniverse posted about this mystery, and I encourage you to read her post. Not only is it very intriguing, but she received an email from Bloodcopy.com directly which details their involvement. (Hmm…)

If you’d like to join in on the mystery and fun, here are sites related to this story so far:

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