Screamstress Looks At The “Twilight” Book & Movie Phenomena

Fans of Stephenie Meyer and her amazing Twilight books are gearing up, not only for the next book, Breaking Dawn, which debuts August 2, 2008, but the movie!

Back in March I updated you on the first book, but since, then, the buzz has gotten louder and stronger. Screamstress loves vampire movies.

The movie Twilight hits the big screen on December 12, 2008, and stars Kristen Stewart (Jumper, The Messengers), Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter series), Taylor Lautner (Cheaper By The Dozen 2), and Michael Welch (Grind, The Riches).

Twilight the movie is the story of a young girl named Bella who falls in love with a vampire named Edward. There’s more than just a love story here, as getting involved with a clan of vampires can be dangerous. See more of the stars and my take on the phenomena of Twilight after the jump!

Fans of the book series and upcoming film are gearing up by doing all sorts of things, from presenting scrapbooks to the author over at Twilighters.orgcreating fan fiction and art, to collecting links and info on the author, Stephenie Meyer.

I’ve even seen an article at Times Online that indicates Meyer has knocked J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series) from her high perch as queen of the young adult novels in the U.S. Meyer was quoted as saying that authors such as Rowling have really opened the door for works such as hers, and that she actually owes her a “debt”.

I tend to think it’s great to have such wonderful stories which encourage teens to read. Not only that, these books are mighty good for adults as well, judging from reading Oh, and if you think these books are just for girls because of the romance theme, think again, and take a look at this list of sites over at Twilight Series Theories (Twilight guys).

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