Screamstress: “Deal With The Devil” Comic Goes to Hollywood 

Lionsgate Entertainment has a plan to bring us a successful adaptation of the Mike Miller comic, Deal With The Devil.

The story is published by Alias Comics, a company that has produced comics of various genres, and managed to develop an ever increasing presence in the publishing world.

Kyle Ward, writer of Fiasco Heights, has been tapped to write the adaptation. Fiasco Heights is a story not unlike Sin City, and features a tale about a paid killer and a troubled detective.

Background on Deal With The Devil

Deal With The Devil follows the story of an FBI detective who stakes everything on solving a very important case. He must find a killer. Unfortunately the killer eludes him, which changes his life for the worse, causing him to lose everything. After 4 years, the killer who changed his life has surfaced, and of all places, on his doorstep…needing help. A bargain is struck, and once again, things will never be the same.

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